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Bseiten was born in MG in 1972 and developed a love for music during very early childhood. In 1989 he started rapping and writing his own hip hop lyrics. This led to him making appearances at clubs, entering contests and co-producing several pieces with Steffen Mueller-Gaertner (Microwave Prince, SMG). It wasn’t until 1991 that he discovered Techno and Trance as his true passion. These days Bseiten covers the entire spectrum of electronic music, eg. Techno and Trance as well as Techhouse, House, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Bossa and Minimal, but is mostly dedicated to Techo and Minimal music. His sound is commonly described as “expressive” and slightly different to other DJ’s in this genre. .

The name “Bseiten” was born during a stint of parties in MG, called Loops ‘n Things, organised by Deep Phunk and Marco Del Mar. Deep Phunk was quoted saying that Tiefenrausch, as Bseiten was known at the time, played both side A and B of each record and still managed to spend an entire night making some awesome music without using more than two records. THX Deep Phunk! Bseiten followed as the resident DJ at Graefen & Koenig for five years and has since been responsible for some wicked music at several other clubs like Barfly, X-Club, Alter Wartesaal, U-Club, Halle Luja and Residenz, to name a few. Bseiten resides in Aachen and his music can be enjoyed at several clubs and organised events in the area

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